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With friends an family, discover local breweries in VW Van!

Discover local breweries in VW Van 

The idea :
In a pleasant and vintage atmosphere, let's go for a VW Van Tour to discover the Hauts de France brewing tradition.
Travel this region celebrated for its beer expertise and improve your historical, cultural and tasting knowledges talking with passionate brewers.

A customised tour :
Depending on your wishes, your budget and timing, Les Belles Echappées will prepare you a customised roadtrip to discover between 1 and 3 breweries. From the "Mont Cassel" microbrewery, to the middle-sized "Brasserie du Pays Flamand" in Blaringhem ant its famous "Anosteké" beer, you'll also visit our fine "brasserie Abbaye de Clairmarais" and will have a look on the biggest one here, the giant "Brasserie Goudale" in Arques. Be sure, there will be for eveyone !
In option, lunch in a traditional and delicious restaurant. 

Brewery implies... Beer tasting!
In order to keep everyone safe in the VW Van and enjoy the experience, you may be accompanied by our "Bud", to drive the car and guide you during the tour.