Team Building e-Solex

Share a Solex moped ride with your team or business partners!

Think of a successful team building : e-Solex gives the innovative incentive combo!

If your objective is getting team members to effectively communicate with each other and get to know each other, then e-Sollex rally is truly the ultimate Ice Breaker.

The rally manages to meet the objective of team building by providing an ideal environment for getting to know your fellow team members even while you have a fantastic time.

Ideal for groups from 5 to 25, we will organise your event (day, half a day,…) in our spectacular setting at Clairmarais.

Half day e-Solex or tandems Treasure hunt.

Les Belles Échappées

Spécialiste du tourisme rétro et de l'incentive 2CV en Nord de France et Belgique depuis 2007.

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