Half a day hire of an electric Solex bike

Discovery tours
or “ride as you like"

Discover the region of St-Omer at the handlebars of a e-Solex, new version of the classic Solex moped in a brand new look and an all-electric engine.

The easiest way to go round and explore the St-Omer surroundings, between forest and marshland and along the various canals.,
baladeesolex Rental terms : Drivers must be over 18 years old. Deposit : 500€ per eSolex (See our General Conditions)

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Take a nostalgic tour at the handlebars of the new Solex

With a track record of more than 8 million sales between 1946 and 1988, the “Solex” has left its mark in the collective memory of several generations.

Now 100% silent, it will be the perfect vehicle for a picturesque or romantic journey.
Maximum speed 35 km/h with an autonomy representing between 25 and 40 km.

Electric Bikes (Velosolex) in alternative if you're not 18 years old. (See Pre-booking Formulary).