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moulinsetmontsThis itinerary leads you at the heart of the Flanders. Let's go to the Cassel Mount, the Cats Mount, Bergues.(day -119km)

artoislegendes The chained stones of Gauchin le Gal, the Fresnicourt Dolmen, The miraculous spring of Isbergues. Discover the 11 stops of this surprising itinerary. (day-150km)

cap2caps Let's go to the Opal coast, with its fishing villages and sand dunes. You will drive across Wissant, Ambleteuse, Wimereux. (day-150km)

7valleesGo to the heart the valleys of the Pas-de-Calais for a trip in the middle of charming landscape : rivers, flowered villages, bocages and forests.(day-193km)


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Treat yourself to a time travel !

(Re)-take the wheel of the mythical combi, symbol of freedom and eternal representative of the 70's.

Preserved in the original state or patiently restored, our combis follow their road for entertaining rides, patchouli flavour. Dress-code recommended : flares, high-collared shirts and sideburns !!

8 seats for friendliness, a sun roof not to miss anything !

Perfect for big families or to go for a drive with your best friends, the ancestor of the monospace offers 8 real seats, with a surprising comfort ! Our models are all equipped with a large sun roof not to miss anything of this unforgettable ride !

You will get your combi after a short briefing (driving and safety advice). You will be able to choose an itinerary, in order to discover the region.

Prices : Day = 229€, 2 days/week-end = 359€

Renting conditions : Driving licence for more than 2 years or be older than 25 - Deposit : 1250€
(See our General Conditions)