The Piaggio Calessino : An air of Dolce Vita!

Ride the fantastic Calessino !

3 wheels, 4 seats, hair flying along the wind, try the Dolce Vita with the Calessino !

Looking for sun and Riviera ?

Vehicle with a unique personality and undisputed symbol of the Italian style, fully convertible, the CALESSINO is the best way to rediscover a different driving style.

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An atmosphere of Dolce Vita in the Audomarois !

With its 60’s design and 4 seats, it is the perfect companion to visit the region of St-Omer, make a surprise to your lover or amaze your friends.
Quite small, it will bring you to the maximum speed of 55km/h to enjoy your trip at the best.

Prices : Half a day = 59€


Renting conditions : Driving license for mor ethan 2 years or be older than 25 - Deposit : 850€ (See our General Conditions)